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Slam Points

Earn Slam Points and achieve victory (and Prizes).

Slam Points are awarded throughout our tournament season and are used to determine our Grand Slampion every season. Slam Points can also be redeemed for prizes, exclusive merch, and store credit.

Slam Points must be earned and can never be bought.

Earn slam points by:

RSVP to a Saturday Night Slam event on our website (1 Point)

Attend and participate in a Saturday Night Slam  (3 Points)

Stay until the end of the night roll call (1 Point)

1st place finish (3 Points)

2nd place finish (2 Points)

3rd place finish (1 Point)


Every year is split up into roughly 4 seasons.

Season typically correspond to seasons of the year.

Grand Slampionship

The Final Tournament night of the season.

Seat priority is given to the Top 16 Points Leaders for the season followed by other season participants then new players as needed.

4 Games on one night!

Double slam points are awarded on the Grand Slampionship Night.

The top points winner of the Season crowned our Grand Slampion.

The top points winner for the Night is crowned our Slampion.


Our Grand Slampion is awarded a $50 Gift Card to M&M Video Games in Pinellas Park Fl

Our Slampion is awarded a $50 Gift Card to M&M Video Games in Pinellas Park Fl

Slam Points


All Points must be redeemed by the end of the season following the season in which they were earned.

10 Points Free Snack

20 Points Saturday Night Slam Decal

30 Points Lanyard

50 Points 10$ Gift Card

100 Points 25$ Gift Card

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