We buy and trade games!

At our retail store (M&M Video Games Superstore in St. Petersburg FL) we buy and trade all video games and video game consoles. We will be posting estimated trade values onto out website soon so stay tuned. Currently the only way we accept trade ins is in person at our storefront but we hope to expand our "Home Delivery" Service to include "Trade Pick Up" as well. We also hope to accept trade ins via mail at some point. Quality services take time to get right and we do not want to rush things into a broken implementation.

How are trade Values Calculated?

Algorithms. Lots of Algorithms. And custom software :) We try to keep these algorithms balanced in a way that provides somewhere in the neighborhood of 30-50% of retail value for the most common titles. We give more for things that are better or we are out of stock on, We give less for things we have 30 copies of in the back.


We start with the value of the game in its current condition and divide that value by the "base trade rate" for that particular console, and divide that by a rarity/desirability score, and divide that by historic inventory level factor, then we take out any deductions for yellow stickers or scratched on the disc. Its a rather mathy process with a ton of excel charts and an access database. Trade values are updated every day(ish). NOTE: Cash values may use a modified algorithm and WILL have different values.

What do we trade?

We buy and trade all video games and video game consoles. Old, broke, Incomplete, It is all worth something (it just might not be much). We will commonly turn down items filled with roaches or games with cases or discs that are more work to clean up than they are worth, so please bring your items to us CLEAN.

Getting the most for your trade

  • Include the case

  • Include the manual

  • Remove "yellow" stickers

  • Clean your disc and case

  • Dont be Madden

Rules for trading and Selling to us

To sell to us you need to be 18 with a valid drivers licence or other govt issued photo ID. We will also be collecting your thumb print for submission to the PCSO. (Its the law folks)

For store credit we require new customers to be 15 years old. 

We reserve the right to deny sales / trades / purchases for any reason at any time.

We cooperate with local law enforcement for all cases of theft and/or fraud.

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