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Another Saturday Another Slam

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Wow, is the word that comes to mind when I think of this Saturday Night Slam Super Smash bro’s Tournament! First off thanks to GoTE Doc Shock for setting up his live stream here at M&M Video Games Superstore! We are really grateful because everyone was trying their best to get on the main stage (on stream), so that brought more of that ”WOW” factor. With all the high intense games going on there were those who rose to the occasion and those who fell. Every set went down to only one stock (life) on the line to determine if they would advance or get dropped. We had a couple new faces show up but you could tell they were no “new face” to this game. The name of the story this night was putting all the knowledge and training to work because no one was giving up without a battle!

Oh Block was not going to repeat what happen last week with having Doc shock’s Mario taking him out with knowledge of what to do against Oh Block‘s main Kirby. In the winners final on one of their games Kirby almost took out Mario without even dying! With the right timing of Oh Block‘s moves and some miss plays by Doc Shock he was able to take the set 3 to 1. Then it was Giovani with his Falco that was shown to be a good pick to combo out Doc Shock’s Mario in also a set of 3 to 1.

It was all down to this Giovani Vs Oh Block Grand Finals best of five. The air was tense and the gamers were ready!! The first game looked like Giovani was going to take this whole set by calling the shots and knowing he needed to keep the mid range game against Kirby winning him the first game, but as I said no one was willing to go down with out a fight! Oh block getting adjusted and keeping his composure takes the second game. Then came the 3rd game with a back and forward of them showing they know what they are doing through the whole match, with great edge guards and combos galore but in the end Oh Block gets a great grab to a slam to take that game. Then we saw a switch up with Giovani picking Joker and Oh Block again picking Kirby, this out the gate was going fast back and forward stock for stock but when Kirby was 20 % 2 stocks against joker’s 1 stock Oh Block was able to just take his time and keep his space to make the right moves and in the end Oh Block took it winning it all with not a single lost! Who will come by and show out on stream next week?? ( to be M&M‘s Weekly Champion? GG’s

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