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Jamma Compatible Cabinets Being Made Here!!

We are proud to present these handcrafted "Bar top" arcade cabinets with the finest materials and components with our own custom design!

What is Jamma?

JAMMA Stands for Japan Amusement Machine and Marketing Association, Inc. Formerly Japan Amusement Machinery.

It was created in the mid-80's to repurpose old unprofitable machines.

Features list!

  • Cabinet

  • Finish

  • T-Molding

  • Customizable Control Panel

  • Buttons

  • Joystick

  • Carry Handles

  • Speakers

  • Marquee

  • Exhaust Port

  • Monitor Bezel


  • Jamma Harness

  • Power Barrier Strip

  • Power Socket

  • Power Supply

  • Marquee Light

  • Control Panel Latches

  • Monitor

  • Exhaust Fan

Optional Accessories / Addons


  • 2 player Link Kit

  • 2nd Player matching controller

  • Cabinet Riser Stand

Any Questions?

Contact Us Live here on the website or email

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