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M&M Video Games St. Petersburg is moving!!

Hello fellow nerds, geeks, and fun seekers! Have you ever wished that you had a home away from home where you could go and be around your nerd family more?

Ever wanted to play more old school arcade games than what your local kiddy arcade offers?

What do you think about a one stop shop where you can get your computer repaired, buy a video game, get your tabletop night supplies, AND participate in a tournament all in the same 8,000 sq ft location?

If you’ve ever wanted any of those then keep reading!

M&M Video Games – St. Petersburg is a pair of retro video game stores that have been operating in St. Petersburg, Florida since 2013. We specialize in video games and have everything from Atari to PlayStation 4 to old school arcade cabinets. We are also partners with Eclipse Technology, an amazing group of electronic repair technicians that also serve the Tampa Bay area out of St. Petersburg. Together, we have decided that YOU deserve a convenient place to go and let out your inner nerd.

Our vision is to become your nerdy wonderland.

For 2019, we would like to level up our operation and bring a classic arcade experience back to Tampa Bay. We would also like to provide you an assortment of traditional board and tabletop games together with our video games in a retail environment as well as host events, tournaments, and birthday parties out of our own space. We will also be manufacturing arcades for sale in-house and branching out into online sales. With these goals in mind, we will need a little change in scenery. The location we have in mind is an 8,000+ sq ft. facility located very close to our existing store at 2705 54th Avenue North St. Petersburg FL, 33714. Although it would be a move from our current locations, it would still be centrally located in Pinellas County and very close to both I-275 and US-19 for convenient traveling.

We are gamers at heart and want to make something special for our community and fellow nerds. We envision a community driven experience, powered by the passion for gaming and nerd culture that only Tampa Bay can provide. We live in a wonderful place, full of wonderful people, and we wish to fulfill this mission to provide you a wonderful place to call your nerdy home away from home!

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