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More Arcade Game Maintenance

this one's a doozy.

Ever wonder what it takes to keep an arcafes worth of classic games working? Since our last update some serious works been done.

Tuned up and calibrated the monitor in our golden tee

Put a tube (WGk7500 27" EGA) back into our midway sportstation (blitz/NBA live) also replaced a 49 way optical joystick.

UN Squadron got new speakers (dual 6*9 8 ohm wired parallel) and new buttons and joysticks, annoyingly the previous owner soldered everything so it took forever.

Galaga/pac w/60in 1 got a much nicer lcd( hp pro series) and also new joystick. Annoyingly I soldered the controls in 5 years ago when I replaced it last so it took forever.....

Fixed the red channel on my robotron (loose video connecter of all things, I expected worse)

Tuned up and resized ninja garden, the old bezel and monitor placement were not ideal, image is much bigger now.

Virtua cop has a new bigger monitor (25 to 27 EGA). I also finally put a glass in it so y'all stop cheating and also SPILLING DRINKS INTO THE ARCADE (this happened, I don't know who, I'm still upset)

Gauntlet Legends got a new hard drive. RIP everyone's saves....... also a cleaned a twitchy joystick

replaced 7 bad marquee lights. it's never ending.

NEW GAME Fast and furious. Replacement video card, replaced hard drive, reformatted operating system, monitor swap (after fixing said monitor). calibrated and ready to play.

And literally while I was writing this post. Hydro Thunder #2 threw a power supply. replaced with older crappy unit on hand might last a few months.

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