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Super Smash Saturdays!

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

We have been having Super Smash Bro’s Ultimate be our focus for Saturday night smash tournaments every Saturday. Ever since than the competition has been getting higher and higher! We even had GoTE | Doc Shock come out this Saturday who is affiliated with Gamers on the edge and let me tell you the gamers affiliated with GoTE are the real deal! This tournament came down to who can make no mistakes because one slip up could cost you one of your stocks (one of your lives) or worst the game! First we had Oh block face off GoTE | Doc Shock to see who was going to face Knowits (who previously won against Doc Shock). This one was Mario<Doc Shock> verses Kerby <Oh Block>. Doc Shock was showing us why he was GoTE worthy with knowing how to play against a Kerby main by baiting out his moves and knowing that Kerby has little nub arms so staying just out of reach from his grabs to punish him. Then we had our finals with the rematch of Knowits and Doc Shock. Knowits likes to play as the character Duck Hunt and his style is a mix of combos with spacing to make it hard to get close to him, if you do get close be ready to make all the right moves. As it would turn out Knowits just knew how to handle Doc Shock’s Mario giving Doc Shock only 1 game out of the 5 sets. Deeming Knowits the Winner of this Saturday night with a 3-1 victory!!! Coming next weekend we will see who will be able to claim the title of Winner! GG's

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